Monday, September 8, 2014

Italy Was Amazing!

It took a year of planning to become a reality, but we made it to Italy, September 8 – October 21, 2014, for an amazing vacation. “Six weeks???” people asked, astonishingly. Yes, six-weeks, which allowed us ample time to see and experience the life, sounds, food, and sights of much of three different regions – Veneto, Tuscana, and Campania.

As "icing on the cake", we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary and Jamey’s birthday while there.

Please enjoy our tales and photos as we traveled through the land of amore.

We started our journey on Monday, Sept. 8th, by driving to Miami and spending the night in a motel.

On Tuesday we got up at 5:30 AM after a restless night in order to get to the airport for a 9:50 AM flight to Chicago. The plane finally lifted off about 10-15 minutes late. We had about a 3-hour layover in Chicago and then boarded a full airplane for the 8-hour, 4456-mile flight to Dusseldorf, Germany. Upon arrival, we set our clocks ahead 6-hours. It was now Wednesday, September 10th.

Surprisingly, there was no custom's card to complete when entering Germany. We did have to show our passports to a Custom official who just asked us why we were coming to Germany and how long we would be in Italy. I guess we looked innocent enough because we were allowed through.

Dusseldorf’s airport was beautiful and extremely clean with high-end shops. We had to exit the security area to find an ATM so Ken could get Euros before arriving in Venice.

Our first interesting experience was when Ken went to buy a bottle of water. There were two bottles side by side. One had a blue label and said Natural; the other had a green label and said Medium. Ken asked the cashier what the difference was. She said one was natural and the other had gas. Maybe it was because we were so tired, but we thought this was funny. This was our lesson on the two kinds of bottled water available in Europe. We were told that only bottled water was sold and served in Italian restaurants since it was illegal to provide customers a glass of tap water.

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