Monday, April 24, 2017

A Visit to Southern Mexico

Oaxaca City, Mexico

In January and February, 2017, we visited the Southern Mexican states of Oaxaca and Puebla.

We spent the first four-weeks in Oaxaca City and, from there, visited the nearby towns and sites of Arrazola, Atzompa, Mitla, Monte Alban, El Rey Mezcal distillery, Teotitlan, Tlacolula, Tule, and Zaachila. We also attended a day-long Zapotec cooking class in Teotitlan.

The final two-weeks were spent in Ciudad Puebla. While there, we took day trips to Cholula (world's largest pyramid, by volume), Cuexcomate (world's smallest volcano), and the nearby city of Tlaxcala, in the state of Tlaxcala (the smallest state in Mexico).

Click on the following link to view a slideshow of the trip: