Monday, June 17, 2013

San Miguel de Allende, MX - Week 2 (cont.)

Sabado (Saturday), June 15 - The bells and firecrackers started about 6 a.m. and continued for more than an hour. Since she was awake, Jamey got up and washed a load of clothes and hung them on the clothesline.

After breakfast, we walked to the butcher to get some fresh ground beef and then to the produce stand to buy some potatoes. We were having the neighbors over Sunday night for a cookout.

One more load of wash in the afternoon and then we went out for dinner to Los Milagros (The Miracles). Two guys were singing beautiful songs in Spanish. Silhouettes sung in Spanish is so beautiful and romantic.

We had fabulous margaritas - very strong - and shared a molcajete de arrachera. This was sliced beef with grilled cactus, green onions, and cheese in a salsa verde (green salsa) served in a special bowl (molcajete). Wonderful! After dinner, we walked to the plaza to be a part of the Saturday night fun and festivities.

Once again the snap, crackle, and pop of firecrackers and church bells woke us at 6 a.m on Domingo (Sunday). This was a special day though and we had to get up and get ready - but not that early.

It was Father's Day and the day for the annual Locos Parade honoring two saints - San Pascual Bailon and San Antonio. This is where the crazies (los locos) come out. Groups of people in the parade dress as different characters - fairies, animals, cartoon characters, superheroes - and throw candies out into the crowd. People bring bags and umbrellas to the parade. The umbrellas are not to shelter them from rain or sun but to turn upside down to catch the candy. Smart thinking!

Dating back to the 19th century, orchards once surrounded in San Miguel. The Franciscan friars used to offer a mass for the orchard workers and ask San Pascual Bailon (patron saint of cooks) for a good harvest. The friars taught the orchard workers to dance in honor of the Saint. The workers would dress as scarecrows. The tradition has grown.

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  1. Thanks for sending us your blog address. We just received it today and really enjoy your pictures and blog. Almost feel like we are visiting San Miguel with you. Enjoy and keep the blog going! Many thanks, Ro and George


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